…By Ethan Fox

Ethan Fox is a UK-based indie author
& videogame developer, best known for…

…the Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle indie videogames

…the World of Orochi series of Urban Fantasy books

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Battle for justice in an anime-themed world as Nina Aquila, defence attorney and bona fide Legal Eagle!

With a tone that mixes crime with a light-hearted feel, a cast of quirky characters and a compelling story, NALE is intended as a homage to the Phoenix Wright franchise, but should appeal to all fans of anime & graphic adventures.


Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: “Broken Wings”

Nina Aquila returns in her biggest adventure yet!

A murder has been committed at the High Flyers Casino. The victim? A celebrity player of a trading card game, “Dragon Fantasy Arena”, on the eve of the national tournament!

Nina will need all her cunning if she’s to make the best of a bad draw… Or her client’s going to be sent to the graveyard!


Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter III: “Legal Stage”

Shockwaves are ringing through the world of Fledge City’s illegal street racing scene.

Now, Nina & Dylan must journey north of the streets of Fledge City to the snow-covered passes of The Rostro Spire, the tallest mountain in the region, to search for answers amid the high-octane sub-culture of Touge Janken Racing…

… but some truths can only be found in the heart of the drift!


city-mockup (1)

The City and the Dead

Two months have passed since the events of The Scissors and the Sword

Jessica Cartwright & Hikaru Arashi see their friendship tested, as a new undead menace stalks the city.

But when the dust settles, which will remain standing? The City? Or the Dead?

For Kindle & Paperback.



The Scissors and the Sword

As the fate of London hangs in the balance, can Jessica Cartwright overcome a spectre of her own past?

Who would kill with scissors?
And who could wield a shattered sword?

For Kindle & Paperback.


Cover by Jelzoo.com


Ethan Fox is a UK-based indie videogame developer & author of urban fantasy novels, typically with a strong anime theme.

Born in England during the cracks between Generation X and Y, Ethan writes fictional works that draw on his own experiences, having lived in multiple countries and worked in a range of professions.

Ethan also writes the occasional non-fictional work; usually related to the practices of being a self-published author in the modern media climate.

Today, he lives in the south-east of England, where he works as a product designer whilst working on creative projects in his spare time.

In addition to writing, Ethan is a longtime fan of anime, snowboarding, general geekery and aviator sunglasses.


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