Resumed World-Building on my new 2016 Project today…

…and so far it’s going well.

It’s actually resuming something that I penciled in before I wrote The Scissors and the Sword, but decided it was maybe a bit ambitious for my first book, and shelved it for later use.

Personally I’ve always enjoyed world-building. I know some writers find it dull; maybe it’s the tabletop game GM in me, I’m not sure. I find there’s something really fun in coming up with places, technologies, names and ideologies.

Today I’ve been working on a vehicle; the central vehicle for the characters and the narrative. This is an actual vehicle, too – not some kind of abstraction.

Thinking about it, it’s actually quite difficult to write about this stuff on the blog when I haven’t properly announced the project. I’m going to need to do that soon; it’ll make the regular updates easier.

Watch this space I guess? I’ll come up with firmer info soon.

Published by ByEthanFox

Ethan Fox is an author of anime-themed fiction.

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