Press Release: Ethan Fox’s 2nd book title revealed as “The City and the Dead”

For immediate release
11th Feb 2017

Ethan Fox (Author)

Ethan Fox’s 2nd book title revealed as
“The City and the Dead”

BRIGHTON, UK – After reaching a threshold of activity on social media, Ethan Fox has revealed the title of the 2nd book in his ongoing series will be The City and the Dead.

The announcement came with the following imagery:

All three source images were labeled at source as “for commercial re-use with modification”

Ethan had this to say, as a sneak peek about the narrative:

Two months have passed since the events of The Scissors and the Sword

Jessica Cartwright’s holiday is cut short when she is assigned to a new case; a quarantine patient has awoken from a coma at a local hospital and killed a nurse in an attempt to escape.

Hikaru, back from the dead, struggles to adapt to 21st-century life. Determined to hunt down his old nemesis in the present day, his journey puts him on a collision course with a new presence that stalks London: Another man who has seen death, yet returned with a malign purpose.

Their twin investigations will force them to question their friendship as the city begins to slide into a state of chaos.

But when the dust settles, which will remain standing? The City? Or the Dead?

Outline work on the novel is said to be complete, and it is expected to be available via Amazon for Kindle and in paperback form by the end of 2017.

Published by ByEthanFox

Ethan Fox is an author of anime-themed fiction.

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