So I’ve ended up in a “Writer’s Duel”…

… after a bit of banter on Twitter.

Right now there’s something of a meme going on for posting tier lists (it’s an old meme, but it has come back for some reason). I decided I’d post one about best snacks to eat while writing:


Reception to this was interesting – I had expected a bit more surprise; we had a pretty die-hard McCoy’s fan (who I can barely hear over how WRONG they are) but the only other debate came from David Sand, who insists that Liquorice should be god-tier.

This led to a back and forth that dragged in a bunch of other people, like some kind of calorific black hole, during which there was talk of a duel, then Princess Bride GIFs and soon this became about more than just a snack – it was about HONOUR (for reasons that made sense at the time but in retrospect make no sense whatsoever).

So, fast-forward to later, and at midnight tonight, both David and I are going to post a piece of micro-fiction, 100 words in length, in this thread on Reddit. The winner (decided by a mechanism that has not yet been established) will decide once and for all, if liquorice is god-tier or shit-tier.

Just over four hours to go; interested to see what David has up his sleeve.

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Ethan Fox is an author of anime-themed fiction.

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