Art Reveal: Jessica Cartwright

Hi all!

As we approach the launch of my next book, I have some artwork to share with you all depicting the key players in The World of Orochi.

Today’s character is our protagonist, Jessica Cartwright.

Remember, the second book of the series, The City and the Dead, is out soon! Click here for more info!

Jessica Cartwright


Born in Brighton, Jessica Cartwright moved to London after university. She became a front-line police officer, receiving several promotions, before taking temporary leave from the force to re-train as a Scene-of-Crime Officer. Though technically a civilian, she holds the discretionary rank of Detective Inspector.

Jessica is skilled at her job, with keen investigative senses and an iron constitution. However, prior to the events of The World of Orochi, she was not taken to believe in the supernatural. Consequently, the appearance of Hikaru and Orochi has turned her world upside-down.

Jessica is confident and has a short temper, rarely hesitating in showing it. She is known for putting herself in harm’s way to prove a point, and has an acerbic wit, not making friends easily, but caring deeply for the ones that she has.

Jessica possesses an omamori; a spirit charm that grants her protection from supernatural harm, that was given to her as a gift. When wielded as a weapon, this charm is capable of destroying spirit creatures, radiating a golden aura that burns them upon contact. However, the charm’s protective qualities are limited, and must be allowed to recuperate each time it is used. Hikaru is attempting to teach her swordsmanship, but Jessica’s true weapons are her courage, police connections, investigative ability and knowledge of modern London, all of which make her a formidable presence.

Touched by Orochi’s power, Jessica is tormented by nightmares that give her insight into the evil yokai’s plans. Her actions in helping Hikaru have left her “known” to Orochi, meaning that Jessica has little choice but to help save London, if she wants to save herself.



A month has passed since Jessica Cartwright‘s life was turned upside by a chance encounter with a creature of myth in Hyde Park.

Now, she has a displaced samurai, Hikaru Arashi, living on her sofa. Meanwhile Orochi, Hikaru’s enemy and Yokai of the ancient world, has taken up residence in the dark spaces beneath the city of London.

As Jessica acclimatises Hikaru to modern life, he teaches her the skills she will need to survive in this new world of gods and monsters.

But after one of Orochi’s nightmarish minions tracks them down, she is forced to recognise that they may have a much bigger problem on their hands:

A new killer stalks the streets – a man who has seen death, but returned with a malign purpose that threatens the very city itself!

The stage is set for a clash of ages, where the modern will do battle with myth for the fate of London. But when the dust settles, which will remain standing?

The City?

Or the Dead?

Click here to pre-order and get involved!

This image of Jessica was created by Anna Fitzpatrick. Check out her website here.

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Ethan Fox is an author of anime-themed fiction.

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