Art Reveal: Hikaru Arashi

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As we approach the launch of the IndieGoGo for The City and the Dead, I have some artwork to share with you all depicting the key players in The World of Orochi.

Today’s character is our co-protagonist, Hikaru Arashi.

Check out the previous reveal of protagonist Jessica Cartwright, here!

Remember, the second book of the series, The City and the Dead, is out soon! Click here for more info!

Hikaru Arashi


Former chief bodyguard to the daimyo of Izumo province, an indiscretion and subsequent failure led to his disgrace, dishonour and exile.

Out of love for his master’s daughter, Hikaru sought to gain his blessing for their marriage. With the best of intentions, he set out to defeat the noble house’s greatest enemy, with whom they had feuded since ancient times – the great Yōkai Orochi.

Bound by the same seal that contained Orochi, Hikaru awoke in modern London to discover that his efforts were in vain. Released from his vow, but mortal once again, he struggles to cope with life in an unfamiliar time and place.

Hikaru is a master of the Izumo Wolf Form fighting style, including several secret techniques that are passed down to those who inherit his hereditary title. As a former soldier he is educated in the military tactics of his era, in addition to specialised training to fight yōkai, yūrei and other spirit creatures. He is armed with the Shattered Sword, a weapon that grants him supernatural strength and speed.


Hikaru possesses great power, but he has failed to defeat Orochi in the past, and there is no reason to believe he can succeed if they were to meet again. Fallen from a noble position, now reduced to sleeping on Jessica’s sofa, he searches for a way avenge the life that was stolen from him.



A month has passed since Jessica Cartwright‘s life was turned upside by a chance encounter with a creature of myth in Hyde Park.

Now, she has a displaced samurai, Hikaru Arashi, living on her sofa. Meanwhile Orochi, Hikaru’s enemy and Yōkai of the ancient world, has taken up residence in the dark spaces beneath the city of London.

As Jessica acclimatises Hikaru to modern life, he teaches her the skills she will need to survive in this new world of gods and monsters.

But after one of Orochi’s nightmarish minions tracks them down, she is forced to recognise that they may have a much bigger problem on their hands:

A new killer stalks the streets – a man who has seen death, but returned with a malign purpose that threatens the very city itself!

The stage is set for a clash of ages, where the modern will do battle with myth for the fate of London. But when the dust settles, which will remain standing?

The City?

Or the Dead?

Click here to pre-order and get involved!

These images of Jessica and Hikaru were created by Anna Fitzpatrick. Check out her website here!

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