Calling all ACX narrators and voice actors!

Is anyone here interested in narrating an urban fantasy book to appear on Audible, on a royalty-share basis?

I’ve listed The Scissors and the Sword on ACX, and I’m currently accepting auditions for a narrator.


What I’m looking for

First and foremost, I’m interested in any English-language narrator who is enthusiastic and keen to submit an audition. All other concerns are secondary. If you’re able to do the job to a high standard, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out.

However, as the book is written from a “third-person-limited” perspective, and the main character is female, I’m particularly interested to hear candidates with an adult, female voice, with a southern British English accent.


If you don’t match these requirements, that isn’t a deal-breaker; feel free to audition anyway if you’re interested in the part.

The ideal candidate would possess a range that can cover slow-burn, investigative scenes, sweeping fantasy descriptive scenes and fast-paced action and fight scenes. The cast of characters is relatively small, but it includes both female and male spoken parts.

About the book

Much of the book is set in modern-day London, and follows a Scene Of Crime Officer who finds herself involved in a supernatural murder case. There are also scenes set in feudal Japan, and much of the fantasy draws upon elements of Japanese myth.

A reader once described it as “CSI meets Inuyasha”, which I guess is quite fitting.

Some spoken Japanese is involved, but these are short, sharp sentences that shouldn’t trouble a capable narrator.

The book is approximately 80,000 words and the work would be paid on ACX’s royalty share basis.

Further info about the book’s characters can be found here:

The successful narrator should expect to be contacted to narrate the sequel (out soon), along with future books of the series.


Auditions can be submitted here:

Please share this if you know someone who narrates on ACX, or anyone with voice acting/narration ability. It’d really help me out if this could be seen by as many potential candidates as possible!

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Ethan Fox is an author of anime-themed fiction.

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