The City and the Dead is available for pre-order!


I’m happy to announce that, at long last, The City and the Dead is available for pre-order!

Only the eBook can be pre-ordered now, but both the eBook and paperbacks will be released on May 25th.

A personal request to everyone reading this…

If you want a FREE advance-review-copy of the ebook, and can pledge to post a review on the day of the book’s full release on May 25th, please use this BookSprout page:

It would be of HUGE assistance to me if you can do this! (I can even provide you a copy of book 1 if you need that too).

Thank-you so much for helping me get this far. You have no idea how much your questions, likes and reblogs have helped me power through the weeks and months of work it took to get this book ready to be published.


THE CITY AND THE DEAD is the second novel in the WORLD OF OROCHI urban fantasy series, in which Jessica Cartwright, a Scene of Crime Officer, battles creatures of Japanese myth unleashed upon modern-day London.

A month has passed since the events of THE SCISSORS AND THE SWORD, when Jessica Cartwright’s life was turned upside by a chance encounter with a creature of myth in Hyde Park.

Now, she has a displaced samurai, Hikaru Arashi, living on her sofa. Meanwhile Orochi, Hikaru’s enemy and Yōkai of the ancient world, has taken up residence in the dark spaces beneath London.

As Jessica acclimatises Hikaru to modern life, she learns the skills she will need to survive in this new world of gods and monsters.

But after one of Orochi’s nightmarish minions tracks them down, they are forced to recognise that they may have a much bigger problem on their hands:

A new killer stalks the streets – a man brought back from the brink of death, with a malign purpose that threatens the entire city!

The stage is set for a clash of ages, where the modern will do battle with myth for the fate of London. But when the dust settles, which will remain standing?

The City?
Or the Dead?

THE CITY AND THE DEAD is the thrilling second book in the WORLD OF OROCHI series of urban fantasy novels by Ethan Fox!

Thanks again everyone! I’m going to have other announcements between now and the release date, so watch out for those too!

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Ethan Fox is an author of anime-themed fiction.

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