Nearing the end of Draft 1 of The City and the Dead!

Just passed the 65k word mark and I’m getting towards the end of the first draft of book 2! I just have to do the finale and the very end segment. It’s been pretty crazy, all told. One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was how different the second book was to write. I have […]

Authors: Why you need a review policy

On Reviews Reviews are important for authors. However, they are also one of an author’s biggest challenges, because reviews aren’t “for” authors; they exist to inform the consumer at the point-of-sale. This means that authors are supposed to be quite hands-off when it comes to reviews. Then again, it might be easy for J.K.Rowling or […]

Press Release: Ethan Fox’s 2nd book title revealed as “The City and the Dead”

For immediate release 11th Feb 2017 Contact: Ethan Fox (Author) Ethan Fox’s 2nd book title revealed as “The City and the Dead” BRIGHTON, UK – After reaching a threshold of activity on social media, Ethan Fox has revealed the title of the 2nd book in his ongoing series will be The City and the Dead. […]

Title reveal: Book 2 is now “The City and the Dead!”

After a tumultuous few months, I’m now ready to announce that Jessica Cartwright and Hikaru Arashi’s next adventure will be titled The City and the Dead! Two months have passed since the events of The Scissors and the Sword. Jessica Cartwright’s holiday is cut short when she is assigned to a new case; a quarantine […]

Ethan Fox will be at Brighton Craft Fair! [Saturday 25th Nov 2016]

Hi everyone! Last-minute announcement as it has been arranged quite quickly, but Ethan Fox is going to be at the Brighton Craft Fair, tomorrow, 25th of November 2016! I’ll be selling signed copies of The Scissors and the Sword, as well as having gift-wrapped copies people can buy as Christmas gifts. Of course, there’s also […]