So I’ve ended up in a “Writer’s Duel”…

… after a bit of banter on Twitter. Right now there’s something of a meme going on for posting tier lists (it’s an old meme, but it has come back for some reason). I decided I’d post one about best snacks to eat while writing: Reception to this was interesting – I had expected aContinue reading “So I’ve ended up in a “Writer’s Duel”…”

Authors: Why you need a review policy

On Reviews Reviews are important for authors. However, they are also one of an author’s biggest challenges, because reviews aren’t “for” authors; they exist to inform the consumer at the point-of-sale. This means that authors are supposed to be quite hands-off when it comes to reviews. Then again, it might be easy for J.K.Rowling orContinue reading “Authors: Why you need a review policy”

Logan – A writer’s review

All spoilers will be BELOW THE CUT – so just stay above the cut if you don’t want to see spoilers about Logan. Below the cut I break down the movie into the 3-act structure and talk about character motivations. There is an important maxim for story-tellers, be they scriptwriters, authors or working in anyContinue reading “Logan – A writer’s review”