So I’ve ended up in a “Writer’s Duel”…

… after a bit of banter on Twitter. Right now there’s something of a meme going on for posting tier lists (it’s an old meme, but it has come back for some reason). I decided I’d post one about best snacks to eat while writing: Reception to this was interesting – I had expected aContinue reading “So I’ve ended up in a “Writer’s Duel”…”

Nearing the end of Draft 1 of The City and the Dead!

Just passed the 65k word mark and I’m getting towards the end of the first draft of book 2! I just have to do the finale and the very end segment. It’s been pretty crazy, all told. One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was how different the second book was to write. I haveContinue reading “Nearing the end of Draft 1 of The City and the Dead!”