The Scissors and the Sword


Cover for The Scissors and the Sword by Ethan Fox, also a link to buy the book from Amazon

When blood-soaked scissors are the only clues recovered from a double-murder-scene in Hyde Park, Scene of Crime Officer Jessica Cartwright races against time to understand the evidence before the killer strikes again.

But when a sword on display at the British Museum spontaneously shatters, she is confronted with an unthinkable truth: A man from another era has a score to settle with an ancient enemy, in a clash that threatens every soul in London!

As the fate of the city hangs in the balance, can Jessica overcome a spectre of her own past in her search for answers?

Who would kill with scissors?
And who could wield a shattered sword?

THE SCISSORS AND THE SWORD is the debut Urban Fantasy novel by Ethan Fox!

Now available in both Kindle & Paperback formats!

Link to buy The Scissors and the Sword by Ethan Fox from Amazon


    • ★★★★★ – Ethan juggles the two connected plots well and seamlessly takes you from one story to the other.” Just A Teacher, Amazon
    • ★★★★ – We have ancient lands with Samurai and princesses, and lots of mythology – and we have present-day London, England – a complicated and interesting combination!” D. Bratcher, Amazon
    • ★★★★★ – The mystery central to the book is masterfully woven” MMO, AmazonUK
    • ★★★★★ – …loved every minute of it” K.F., AmazonUK

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